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Hardwood (Small Loads) 0.8 CUBIC METER DUMPY

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Northampton Firewood
Hardwood logs are ideal for open fires, multifuel stoves, wood burning stoves and any other wood burning appliances. Hardwood logs burn much longer, Burn at a higher temperature. Make a wonderful accompaniment to our other solid fuels and Display a pleasant aroma.

Our hardwood logs burn individually or with any other of our solid fuels, they burn slowly and efficiently and provide great warmth and a distinctive aroma that only a log fire can provide. They come from local well managed forests and are cut to fit traditional or modern fireplaces.

We can stack your logs for £10 per cubic meter or bulk bag.

Please note: Our large bulk bags are measured and sold by the cubic metre, not by weight. You should never buy wood by weight as the wetter it is, the heavier it is. Our wood is processed and stored in specialised ventilated bags which are designed to ensure that all logs remain dry with maximum airflow. Our bulk/dumpy bags actually measure 0.8 M3 before leaving our facility to ensure that your get every pennies worth.

Kiln dried and locally sourced.

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Price: £85.00 including V.A.T.
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